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Due to the change in life-style in the UK over the past twenty years and with the introduction of double glazing and central heating systems - we have made our homes into breeding grounds for microscopic, skin eating creatures called Dust Mites.


These ugly pre-historic looking eight-legged cousins of the spider and tick are not visible to the naked human eye, but just one gram (approximately half a teaspoon) of house dust can contain up to a thousand Dust Mites and several thousand Dust Mite droppings .


Astonishingly a large amount of all house dust is made up of our dander or skin. That's because on average every three days we have shed a layer of skin. It's the protein in these tiny particles of dead skin that we are constantly shedding which is food for the Dust Mite.


As Mites only measure 0.3mm they settle anywhere in our warm humid climates including in our carpets, mattresses, pillows, upholstered furniture, clothing and in clothing draws, wardrobes, etc. In fact, an average house can contain over 2 Million Dust Mites with a new generation arriving every 3 weeks.


Each Mite lives for 3 to 4 months, each female lays 20 to 50 eggs every three weeks and can  produce around 20 droppings per day, (that's nearly 200 times their own bodyweight).


It has been estimated that there can be so many droppings in our homes that any soft furnishing in a bedroom of two years old, that has not been professional cleaned, is estimated to weigh 10% more than when new.


It is the digestive enzymes contained within the Dust Mite excrement that triggers most respiratory allergies such as Asthma, and is the single biggest cause of eczema and all year round rhinitis, the sneezing and runny nose associated with allergies.


Once airborne, Mite faecal pellets remain aloft for an extended period of time (10 minutes or more) and are easily inhaled. With 28% of the population suffering from respiratory allergies, Dust Mites are one of the main reasons that indoor air is more allergenic than outdoor air.


However there is proof that childhood Asthma is on the increase in the UK with one in three children being affected by exposure to Dust Mite droppings in their early infancy.



Professional cleaning, along with an additional specialist treatment can give you the benefit of eliminating and preventing Dust Mites from returning to soft furnishings for up to a year, so it can help improve the health of your family.